The problem

Interpreting your online marketing can be tough. How do you make sense of all that data from Google AdWords, social media, display ads, re-targeting and your website? You don’t often get to see the metrics until the end of the month and by then money has already been wasted on ads that should have been fixed sooner. Even worse, you’re faced with ‘vanity stats’ – data that has no context and which fails to answer your number one question:

‘Am I converting customers?’

No wonder online marketing can feel like guesswork.

The solution

Using a beautifully designed dashboard, Reporting Portal lets you accurately measure and understand your entire online performance. Data is delivered in real time, meaning you can make positive changes to improve your business quickly. No more confusion, no more wasted budget or time logging into different platforms. Instead, you get clear insights (in one spot) that are relevant to your business goals.

Forget the guesswork and get organised with Reporting Portal.

Reporting Portal is a beautifully designed dashboard
Fully Integrated

Fully integrated

Reporting Portal seamlessly integrates with AdWords, Analytics, Avanser and more, meaning you can save time and reach your key digital marketing metrics in one place.

Amazingly Trackable

Amazingly trackable

Find out where your customers are coming from and what they do on your website. Reporting Portal even lets you listen to phone calls customers make to your staff after clicking your ads

Simple and Relevant

Simple & relevant

Our dashboard has been designed to deliver information with clarity. Graphs, charts and other visual elements help you make informed decisions.

How does Reporting Portal work?

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